Learn to Wait!

This pandemic has put so many people’s lives on hold and has delayed so many projects and development ideas. Some businesses have thrived because of the sector they are in, but many have been hit hard by the multiple lockdowns and are barely surviving or have ceased to trade or people have lost their jobs.
What is required right now as we start to come out of lockdown is to be patient and have hope.
Hope is the belief that something good is going to happen and patience is key to allow this hope to materialise. If we rush into everything expecting things to be ok, we will be disappointed. The world is different and will always be so.

Some things have changed forever
There will be more people working from home because they want to and are more productive at home. I heard about one company who have paid their staff a large bonus because they have been more productive working from home.
Things will be different, and we need to adjust to the new way of working. Our Mental Resilience is key to this. If we accept that the roadmap has changed, we need to read the new roadmap to steer us back to success.
Good times are ahead I am convinced of that. 2021 will be a rebuilding year and 2022 will be a growth year. As with World Wars there is a period of recovery then growth and this is coming.
World War 3?
In many ways this has been like a World War maybe even worse because this pandemic has affected everyone on earth whereas a world war only affects a set number of countries and people.
Mentally this has been an extremely difficult period and people need time to recover. They need time to rest and not expect everything to be back to normal from day one. But week by week month by month they will see progress starting to happen and things will begin to take shape.
Patience is key here we mustn’t expect miracles but with a steady hand and strong self-belief we can get there.
The 5 key pillars of Mental Resilience
The key pillars of Mental Resilience come to mind here, Self-belief, Motivation, Focus, Control and Commitment these are key to good recovery.
I came across this article in Word for Today about patience and how rushing can cause us to regret our decisions for the rest of our lives.

Learn to Wait
There’s no such thing as instant success, with either people or problems. Whether you need to lose ten pounds or one hundred pounds, the weight can only be shed one pound at a time.
Standing on top of the mountain is a thrill, but you can only get up there one step at a time.
Nothing great is created suddenly; almost every significant success in life comes at the end of a long, arduous wait. And unless you accept that truth, you’ll give up too soon and settle far short of the success God has in mind for you.
The American company Jell-O celebrated its one-hundredth anniversary in 1997, but if the inventor were still alive, he would probably take little comfort in his product’s success.
In 1897 Pearl Wait wore many hats. He was a construction worker who also experimented in patent medicines, and he went door to door selling his therapies. In the midst of tinkering and experimenting, he hit upon the idea of mixing fruit flavouring with granulated gelatine.
His wife promptly named it Jell-O, and Wait had one more product to peddle.
Unfortunately, the initial sales of his jiggly snack were not as strong as he hoped, so he ended up selling his Jell-O rights to Orator Woodward for the paltry sum of $450.
Woodward was a savvy businessman. He knew the value of marketing, and within eight years he turned a $450 investment into a million-dollar business.
Today, not a single relative of Pearl Wait receives one penny from the one-million-plus boxes of Jell-O sold every day. Why not? Because Wait couldn’t wait!
What a disaster
What a sad story of missed opportunity and lack of patience. How difficult it must have been to see that company grow to such success knowing it could have been his.
We have survived the pandemic and things are starting to look brighter. So look forward to the opportunities which lie ahead. Stay patient and keep believing that things will improve and before you know it you will be looking back on these days reminiscing how tough they were and how much better things are now.
Thoughts for the Week 

  1. Don’t expect things to go back to normal straight away.
  2. Look at this as a marathon not a sprint.
  3. Things don’t always go right for us, but they also don’t always go wrong.
  4. We have had a difficult 12 months and now it’s time for a good 12 months.
  5. Stay patient and bit by bit you will see life improve for you. 

Well that’s it for this week have a wonderful weekend and stay patient.
Warm regards


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