Mum Could Have Spoken These Words

I read the short article below from Word for Today 2 hours before I received the call that my dear 99-year-old mum was lying at home unresponsive. I had forgotten all about this article but at the time I highlighted it to remember to use it in one of my future blogs. Today I came across it again and realised how profound this was.
At the time of reading this early on Monday 17th October I was happy, peaceful and things were good in the world. I remember enjoying my morning time reading the various books I read every day to get me into a good place for the day ahead. Then came the call.
It is profound how one phone call can change your life and this call did just that. From the moment we drove to mum’s and saw her everything changed. We are now in the process of funeral arrangements and on the 7th November we shall say goodbye to the most wonderful mother.
I was dreading things ahead
I have been dreading this moment but as I look at the reality of the situation I am filled with gratitude and thankfulness. I was in fact dreading mum getting to the stage where she was bedridden and couldn’t join me in the lounge for a cup of tea and two ginger biscuits every time I came over.
I was dreading the time when I would need to find a care home where she wouldn’t be able to watch Polish TV every day. I was dreading the possibility of another phone call to say she has gone to hospital.
We are so grateful
Because she went very quickly, we have wonderful memories of her full of life, full of fun and full of health. It was her time, and she went with dignity and peace.
This article in Word for Today makes me think of my mum because these are three things she lived by. She went through the second world war and experienced horrors no-one should experience. She was extremely tough yet loving and kind.
The following words could have been spoken by my mum.  
How to live wisely and well
An elderly lady says, ‘One benefit of living so long is sharing what I’ve learned. So make my day by letting me share three secrets that can make your life better.’ Then she offers us some great counsel:

Time is precious; don’t waste it. After my husband died, I was staying with friends. One evening they started arguing and eventually stopped speaking to one another. Now, I know arguments happen; my husband and I had several doozies. But at that moment, I understood as never before that the time we have together is precious. Don’t waste it bickering about things that won’t matter when your loved one is gone. Do everything you can to live in harmony and show your love. Why? Because no matter how long you have together, it’s never enough.

You’re making memories; make them good ones. Looking back, I thank God for so many unforgettable moments. The day my husband died we kissed (as we always did when we parted), at noon. By five-thirty that evening, he was dead. I’ve always been glad about that final kiss. So create memories – not regrets!

It’s not what happens, but how you respond that counts. Every day holds new challenges that will test your love and resolve. You have the power to make each test an occasion for growth. Life is full of seemingly unpleasant events. Try to handle them in such a way that when you’re old, you will be able to look back and say, “I thank you, God, for that experience; it helped me grow.”’
And that’s how to live wisely and well!

What wonderful words of wisdom and I am going to try to live by these principles and will share these with others.
Have a wonderful weekend and keep believing.
Warm regards 


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