My First Ever TV Interview

Last week was a nice busy one with coaching in London, working on my book, new wardrobes and carpet delivered (now a married man of course and these things are a nice part of marriage). I was also contact via my website by a large international company to pitch for some Mental Resilience Training for their senior staff in their UK office which I am working on.

I love married life. Julie and I get on so well (in fact as I am writing this blog she is busy cutting the lawn – I married a good one!). This weekend our church put on a free event for the local community in the park. It was really well organised by Craig with everything free to all the residents of the community. There were 3 different types of inflatables, a coconut shy, face painting, tea, coffee, juice and cakes, and an ice cream van giving away free ice cream.

Julie and I were asked to run the team manning the refreshment table and it was a great honour to be asked to run this and we thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. We had some great volunteers to help and they did a fantastic job. Teamwork is one thing I coach and train on and this was a really good example of teamwork at its best. Each person manning the cakes, juices, tea and coffee were in charge of their particular areas and were fully responsible for making sure their station was running smoothly.

This allowed Julie and I to collect more supplies, make sure the four large flasks were kept full of boiling water and to make sure that the volunteers running each station didn’t run out of anything. Because these volunteers were so professional and committed we were totally relaxed leaving them while we collected more supplies. This proves the importance of having a good team around you.

In my business I have assembled a great team around my with a really outstanding website developer, video expert, IT expert, Social Media expert, accountant, mentor, designer, and print company. I have realised over the years that you can’t do everything yourself and that two are better than one. I believe that it is very difficult to run a business on your own and I understand why this is. With Julie by my side I found that running the refreshment team was a joy because there were two of us to help each other all day long.

Last Sunday I went to the offices of Zen TV – an internet television station for my first ever TV interview. This excellent TV station is based in Nottingham and they wanted to talk to me about my business, my story and my basketball experience. When Julie and I got there we were welcomed in and given a nice cup of tea. We were then called into the filming studio were we were met with the sight of 7 people in the room with lights and cameras facing a settee.

I sat on the settee with my basketball and G Man who was interviewing me. We did sound and film checks then the three cameras were double checked and we were ready to roll. As we started filming I was intrigued to see how nervous I would be because as many of you know I was a very nervous child and young man with great fear of public speaking. It was only when I was given a confidence technique by a former sales director Harry Dunne that my life started to change. I now share this technique in my coaching and workshop sessions.

As we started to chat I found myself relaxed and calm and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole 25 minute interview. I was told I did well and I will leave that for you to judge as the interview will be going out in the next week or so and I hope to share a link to the interview in the next couple of blogs. It still amazes me how my life has changed since I learned these techniques it has literally opened up a whole new world to me.

Towards the end of the interview G Man asked me if the basketball I was holding was a prop or whether I could spin the ball on my finger. I said that it wasn’t a prop and I had a go at spinning the ball sat in an armchair – I will let you guess how many times it took me to actually spin the ball…………!!

With the two radio interviews I had last week plus the TV interview and my book launch at Waterstones on Saturday 24th October life is getting more interesting and I wonder where all this will lead. I have been visualising a lot of what is happening on my Dream Board every morning and I really do believe that this has helped some of these things happen.

So until next weekend have a look at the team around you and ask yourself if you need to improve any of the team you have assembled. Also think about the dreams you have for the future and start to visualise yourself having achieved them and use emotion when you do this.

Have a great day

Warm regards


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