Waterstones Book Launch Date Set!

A dream I had many years ago to write a book is finally coming to fruition. After a very good meeting with the event manager of Waterstones Nottingham, they have agreed to provide me with a full launch of my first book. Daniel felt that both the book and I have good potential and he felt confident that I would be good in front of an invited audience for the launch. To make this even more exciting the Nottingham Waterstones is the fourth largest in the country.

The date for the launch is on Saturday 24th October 2015 at Waterstones, Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham, commencing at 5pm. Very nice food and drinks will be provided and I will be delivering my keynote talk on Mental Resilience before the book signing itself. This really is a dream come true as I got the lowest grade possible in English O’level and have never studied it since.

Yet now I can touch type about 40 words a minute (self-taught with a Mavis Beacon DVD) and have been told by my book coach that the chapters I am sending her are very good and only need tweaking and they are a good read. This has astounded me and to be honest I’m not exactly sure why I enjoy writing so much and have developed some skills in this area.

The book is about Mental Resilience and how to develop this in your life. It will have about 24 short chapters and each chapter will be stand-alone. Every chapter will have a situation we all face with a true life story to make it real, a summary section then suggested actions you can take to improve in the area described. It will include some elements of my life story and how I have overcome some big challenges in my life and how I get through negative things in such a positive way.

Can you e-mail me if you would like a signed copy of my book and if you can come along on the 24th to celebrate this amazing day with me? Spaces are limited and I would love you to be there! I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be a published author and now this is a reality. I will have the book written in time as this October I have a keynote talk to deliver to the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Rotary clubs Conference in Liverpool with around 650 people in the audience, so this is a good potential to sell some books.

This week has been busy with some coaching as well as radio interviews. On Sunday evening I was interviewed on BBC radio Derby, on Tuesday I was interviewed on BBC radio Nottingham about public speaking then on Thursday I was on BBC radio Nottingham this time reviewing the newspapers. This is the first time I have been interviewed about myself and my passion for mental resilience and it was great fun! This Sunday I have something happening which is a step up and I will share this with you next week.

What is the dream that you have, but don’t believe you ever will ever achieve it? As someone put so eloquently “If you can’t see it before you see it, you will never see it.” The first thing you have to do it challenge your belief system which is telling you that you can’t do it. I thought it was impossible to spin a basketball on my finger. I could see others doing it but I thought they had a natural talent that I didn’t have and so I gave up believing that I would never be able to do it. But having a fair amount of Mental Resilience I wouldn’t give up and I kept going back to it time and time again, week after week, month after month until I got there. My belief system changed as I got better and better at it until I succeeded.

There are several things I have achieved which deep down I didn’t really believe I was worthy of but I never gave up on visualising myself having achieved them. One of these was getting married again and getting it right this time! I had two failed marriages behind me and was it wise to try again? Well the answer is a resounding yes! Married life is fabulous, Julie is a wonderful kind and gentle lady and we are good for each other. Of course there will be some challenges ahead in the marriage, but I believe that we have the personalities to deal with these things in a positive and calm way.

So until next time, think hard about any dreams you have given up on and challenge the negative belief system you have developed. This can be changed and one way to do this is to start visualising yourself having achieved this dream and see what happens.

Have a great weekend and stay positive

Warm regards




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