The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating!

This week has been a busy fun week, with a great Mental Resilience Masterclass for a large organisation in Leicester, a couple of good meetings and lots of emails out to potential clients in Malta and Dubai as well as across the UK.

The Masterclass on behalf of Live and Learn was such good fun and the feedback was wonderful. So much so that on Friday I heard that they are looking to run another one in August.

Good delivery is the key

This always makes me happy because it is easy to run one Masterclass on the back of good marketing, but it is something quite different to be booked a second time on the back of good delivery.

I have many clients who have booked me multiple times, and this is very encouraging for the future. I have a fabulous product which really helps people deal effectively with stress and also perform better under pressure. It also teaches them how to have a balanced happy life.

Address the stress before it’s too late

Well being is key in these times of extra pressure and stress, with more and more companies seeing the benefit of addressing stress before staff go off sick. It makes sense to invest in the people who need help because of the extra pressure they all seem to be exposed to.

I came across this article recently which made me realise that Mental Resilience comes in many forms

Aron Ralston

“Ralston will forever be known as the guy who cut his hand off to escape a climbing accident that left him trapped between two boulders. Ralston was climbing in Blue John Canyon in Utah alone. As he shimmied down a canyon, a boulder came loose, and trapped Ralston’s hand.

No one knew he was there, and he only had a little bit of water and a little bit of food. It was up to him to rescue himself. He struggled for three days, before deciding to self-amputate in order to extricate himself. But after two days of trying various methods, he nearly gave up. At this point, he was out of water and surviving on his own urine.

He had to break his own arm

That is until an idea came to him on day six: he could amputate a portion of his own arm much easier if he could only break his radius and ulna. After an hour of work with a cheap multitool, he had amputated his hand successfully, and had to still get back to his vehicle, descending a 65-foot wall with one hand.

He was eventually discovered by a European family on a camp out, and six hours after his self-amputation, he was rescued by authorities. He was found just in time: Ralston was on the brink of death from blood loss.

He survives today, still taking outdoor expeditions and climbing adventures when not giving speeches or having movies made about his life. (127 Hours, if you haven’t seen it.)”

I don’t know if I could have done that

I have to say that this made we feel a bit sick as I imagined being faced with the dilemma of cutting off my own arm in a similar situation. It just goes to show what absolute desperation can make you do!

This action saved his life and he now lives a fulfilled life because of his amazing Mental Resilience.

Thoughts for the week:

1. What challenges have you faced in the past few weeks which have really stretched you?
2. How well did you respond to these negative things?
3. We only grow in character and comfort zone when we are faced with problems.
4. Embrace the problems you face and find the solution to these knowing that you are growing through the process.

Well that’s it for this week have a great weekend and stay positive.

Warm regards


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