She Saved 2500 Children from the Nazis

“There are endless examples of courage buried in the ruins of the Holocaust, but Irena Sendlerowa’s story stands out.
When the Nazis invaded her native Poland and rounded up all the Jews into a walled-in ghetto, Sendlerowa knew what was going to happen.
She was a 29-year-old social worker, employed by the Welfare Department of the Warsaw municipality and got credentials as a nurse so she could sneak food and medicine into the ghetto.
Irena Sendlerowa was a Polish woman who, along with her underground network, rescued 2,500 Jewish children in Poland during World War II. Irena and the ten who went with her into the ghetto, used many, many methods to smuggle children out.
There were four main means of escape:  
1 – Using an ambulance a child could be taken out hidden under the stretcher.
2 – Escape through the courthouse.
3 – A child could be taken out using the sewer pipes or other secret underground passages.
4 – A trolley could carry out children hiding in a sack, in a trunk, a suitcase or something similar.

Irena (code name Jolanta) was arrested on October 20, 1943. She was placed in the notorious Piawiak prison, where she was constantly questioned and tortured. During the questioning she had her legs and feet broken.
When the war ended, she devoted herself to reuniting children with their families.”
What a story of amazing bravery
This amazing story of bravery is one of many during the second world war and as I read this I thought of my mum who went through some terrible things during the war as a young girl in Poland and Siberia.
Her family suffered with her and she has shared the details with me over the years. What they went through is beyond imagination and makes the current Covid situation a walk in the park.
‘It’s not what happens which counts is how we respond which makes all the difference.’ My mum forgave everyone who did her harm and has maintained a positive attitude for as long as I can remember.
She came through it incredibly well and has lived a long and fruitful life to her current age of 97. She has amazing Mental Resilience due to the things she experienced, and she is my hero.
A new Mental Resilience Masterclass – Coping with Covid
This week I delivered my new 1-hour Coping with Covid motivational talk to an organisation in Scotland on behalf of Live and Learn and the feedback was fantastic! This was such a wonderful experience as this was the first new motivational talk that I have developed in 5 years.
This organisation had already booked two full day Masterclasses for their staff next week on Zoom and they wanted something different for one of their regional team meetings to give the staff some inspiration.
I thoroughly enjoyed delivering the session and they are now looking at booking more online sessions with me for other regional teams across Scotland. This also made me realise that I have the ability to create new content and new Masterclasses.
I am very excited
What I am really excited about is that this session is completely different to my half day or full day Masterclasses. This means that companies can book the one-hour session to experience what I offer then upgrade to the half or full day Masterclasses which go much deeper.
I absolutely adore presenting on Zoom and I am finding that my style of delivery works amazingly well. The videos, practical exercises, scientific evidence, techniques, and my personal inspirational story seem to work extremely well whether it’s a 1-hour motivational talk or a 6-hour Masterclass.
Thoughts for the week

  1. What an amazing woman Irena is to risk her life to save so many.
  2. This also made me appreciate that what we are currently suffering with Covid is nothing compared to the second world war.
  3. This week think about this story and how we can put things in perspective to help deal with things.
  4. This week appreciate that things could be a lot worse and focus on the positives in your world. What you focus on is what you feel.

Well that’s it for this week have a wonderful weekend and stay Positive.
Warm and healthy regards


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