Smell the Flowers

What a great week again this week – the highlight being the Masterclass I ran on behalf of Live and Learn for Barts Charity in London and a coaching session in Rotherham. What a wonderful organisation Barts is! This is information taken straight from their website:

Barts Charity

We fund extraordinary healthcare for the 2.5m people of east London, and beyond.
Working alongside the Barts Health NHS Trust group of hospitals and Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry (part of Queen Mary University of London) we support world-leading research, state-of-the-art equipment and innovative healthcare projects. Our funding goes above and beyond what the NHS can provide.”

A great day

The staff on the day were outstanding and great fun to work with. The feedback was excellent, and I believe that they will have learned techniques on the day to help them build their personal Mental Resilience.

The person who bought my book just over a week ago has signed up to my Coaching Programme on the back of reading my book and having a telephone conversation with me. What is great about this is that he is based in the South of England and I will be coaching him either over the phone or the internet.

Coaching changes lives

This opens the whole world to my coaching and I will be developing this over the coming months. I have coached a few clients over the phone and internet and it has been very successful. I can’t wait to get my first client from America!

Bookings are starting to come in from my new Customer Relationship Management system which is very encouraging, and I have received my first booking from the keynote talk I gave for the Builders Merchants Federation with interest from a few more.

You can’t coach yourself

I really enjoyed the coaching session this week with one of my clients who runs several companies and is growing. He made a comment which I found very interesting. He said I know all this stuff you are doing but I can’t coach myself. He is finding the sessions extremely helpful and he is considering running my Masterclass for his staff.

He said that it’s hearing himself speak out loud in a safe and confidential environment which is unique. He has no other opportunity to do this with other people he knows. He can be totally honest with me and as he does the talking he finds himself coming up with solutions to challenges he is facing.

I am an NLP coach and level 3 counsellor and I find that clients trust me, open up to me and feel safe to share their lives with me in a very safe and totally confidential environment. It’s this combination which makes these sessions so effective.

Smell the flowers

Most people don’t take time to smell the flowers/coffee. I used to say that I will be happy when I hit my monthly target or annual target or when I retire. When I did hit my target, I would be happy for an hour then I would say ‘What’s next?’ I would be happy for one hour a month!!

That’s crazy! Now I am happy many times each day. I see the beautiful trees and take it in, I see the beauty in nature and take it in. I see the old couple holding hands and take it in. It’s called Mindfulness and it’s being in the moment, on purpose non-judgementally appreciating things around you.

Try it

You can only do this for a few seconds but if you do this 20 or 30 times a day you will experience moments of joy where there is no stress. We don’t know how long we have on this planet so it’s important that we make the most of each day.

Thoughts for the week.

1. Do you take moments in your day to stop and appreciate things?
2. This week make a point of stopping for a few seconds and just appreciate something.
3. When you are Mindful you don’t have any stress.
4. Make this a daily practice and observe how you start to feel.

Well that’s it for this week have a great week and stay positive.

Warm regards


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