Take time to Relax and Visualise

This past week has been very interesting and very busy. I have worked on a presentation for a big pitch this coming week, and also prepared for a Mental Resilience Masterclass for a key client which I ran on Thursday. This was a great session with a really excellent group of managers from this international company.

The interaction was fantastic and they were the first group to ever find the 5 key pillars of Mental Resilience in their group session without any prompting. There have only ever been 3 other groups who have managed to find all 5 key pillars but they all needed a few hints. It was great to witness this.

Five Key Pillars

All high achievers have these 5 key pillars in place and these give them the ability to perform well under pressure and to handle stress more effectively. These 5 key pillars are featured heavily in my book ‘Off the Wall – How to Develop World Class Mental Resilience’ because of their importance in living a successful and happy life.

Next week I am speaking at a radio station group conference in the North West, and this is the first time I have spoken to a radio group since I last worked in radio in 1992. I was regional commercial manager for the Yorkshire radio group which included Hallam in Sheffield, Viking in Hull and Pulse in Bradford.

Memory Lane

This is already bringing back memories as the group director who has booked me for this conference is Michael Dobson, who is the son of my former sales and marketing director at Metro Radio and TFM radio Maurice Dobson. I had some of the best times working with Maurice and in the 1980’s I remember going to the USA every year to attend a huge radio conference.

These conferences were held in either Dallas or Nashville and we made sure we hit our sales targets each year to enjoy these trips! The 1980’s were great years in radio and I remember them with real fondness. So, it’s very exciting to be speaking at the conference this coming Tuesday.

Academy for Chief Executives

I am also running a Mental Resilience session for the Academy for Chief Executives director group 40 this coming week which is a great organisation. The Academy for Chief Executives (ACE) is an organisation of around 40 groups across the country which are run by ex MD’s and have managing directors of various companies as members.

It is full on at the moment, and will be for the next 2 months as my diary is very busy over this period. However, it is very important to stay healthy and calm during busy periods like this. The way I do it is to take time first thing in the day to read a few pages of a motivational book and then visualise all the great things on my Dream Board.

Visualise your Future

By visualising my Dream Board, I experience for example, being in a helicopter flying over Victoria Falls or being with the Orphans. This visualisation and reading gets me in a very positive frame of mind which gives me extra energy and the ability to bounce back quicker when negative things happen. I also use this quiet time to plan my day properly.

I then take short breaks during the day and recently I have been taking an hour a day to just sit still, listen and relax. These things are working really well for me and I highly recommend them if you are under any sort of pressure.

Thoughts for the week:

1. How do you handle pressure?
2. Do you have any sort of routine to handle pressure?
3. I recommend that you start the day with some positive reading and visualisation.
4. I also suggest that you take mini breaks and if you can take a longer break where you can just sit, relax and be still.

Well that’s it for this week. Have a wonderful weekend and stay positive.

Warm regards


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