The Aftermath of Covid 19 – The Ripple Effect

What a wonderful week this has been as we completed and delivered the Online Mental Resilience Mindset Masterclass 2 to a large organisation. We now have two outstanding 1-hour online Masterclasses which encompass the absolute best of the full day Masterclass with extremely detailed Action Plans for each session.
This means that company staff can attend these sessions from their homes or at work on Zoom and they can be back at work an hour later. They then have a few weeks to embed the techniques shared. It’s a great way to get teams together for a common positive purpose.
Great time saver
Some organisations are looking at running these in their lunch hours so staff don’t lose any work time and they can enjoy a sandwich and cuppa and be inspired by the information I share with them.
Others are looking at using these 1-hour sessions as part of a ‘team online meeting’ to bring something different and powerful to their meetings.
Rolls Royce have always preferred me to come in at lunch time to run my 1-hour sessions and the staff would come in with their sandwiches to eat as well as being inspired and informed during that hour.
Full of great content
The session I ran yesterday was held at 3pm which is a nice way to finish the week and it included the Confidence Technique, the Sleep Technique, the Dream Board, the 5 Key Pillars of Mental Resilience, the Inner Voice, Visualisation and Mindfulness.
The Action Plan and my new recorded relaxation and visualisation audio was sent to all the staff who attended following the session so they can spend the next couple of months to go through the various techniques and embed them into their daily routine.
These techniques changed my life
I applied these very same techniques 6 years ago when I was deep in debt, divorced, living with my mum and basically washed up. Now I am an International Speaker, Author and loving life!
I am developing a 30-minute free taster session for companies to attend online to get a feel for the sessions before committing to run these to help their staff cope with the fallout of Covid-19 whether they at home or at work. If you have a line manager let them know about this.
Here is the link to the Masterclass details:
There is a real fallout from this horrific pandemic, and it isn’t going to be resolved in a few weeks or even a few months, and the ripple effect of the damage to life as we know it and the economy is too huge to calculate.
A stone thrown into a lake creates ripples which fan out in ever increasing circles affecting areas far away from the impact point. Similarly, Covid-19 has a ripple effect across the entire globe.
We all need better Mental Resilience
More than ever people will need to develop better Mental Resilience as a way to cope with the impact of Covid-19 and the long-lasting changes this will create.
“It’s not what happens to you in life, it’s how you respond that makes the difference.”
Two people facing the same challenge will see it completely differently depending on their Mindset and Inner Voice. We need to change our Inner Dialogue to help us through this long-lasting crisis.
5 Top Tips to develop Mental Resilience
Here are 5 Top Tips to start do develop stronger Mental Resilience.

  1. Our feelings are directly connected to our thinking. If we think negative thoughts, we feel bad if we think positive thoughts, we feel good. To change the way we feel we need to change our thinking. The best way to do this is list off everything we are grateful for. As we do this our feelings shift from negative to positive.
  2. Understand that we only grow in our difficult times. When things are going well, we enjoy those times, but we don’t grow. It is during the tough times when we grow in comfort zone and character. Embrace these current challenging times knowing that when you look back you will have grown in amazing ways.
  3. Find the positive in every negative. There is always a seed of something positive in every negative situation. We have seen that the world is cleaner because of the lockdown and people are caring more for each other and we have slowed down. If we focus on the negative of the lockdown we feel down if we focus on the good that is happening, we feel better.
  4. Schedule the most important tasks in your high energy periods. We all have times of the day when we have higher energy than other times. Once we discover when this high energy time is, we will achieve far more each day by scheduling our most important tasks during these energy times.
  5. Practice Mindfulness to reduce stress. Mindfulness is a powerful practice which allows us to be present in the moment without judgment. When we are in a mindful state it is impossible to be stressed. As we stop and focus on our breathing for example we relax, we empty our minds for a few minutes, and we are stress free. 

Thoughts for the week:  

  1. This week whenever you are feeling negative check what you are thinking and see if your thoughts are negative.
  2. Then think of some things you are grateful for and watch your feelings change.
  3. See if you can find a positive in the negative circumstances you face this week.
  4. Try scheduling your toughest tasks in the morning and see if this helps.
  5. At least once a day focus on your breathing for one minute to relax. 

Well that’s it for this week have a wonderful weekend and keep Believing!
We will get through this!
Remember ‘What you See and what you Say is what you Get!
Warm and safe regards

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