It’s Our 5th Wedding Anniversary Today!!

By coincidence as I write this week’s blog, I have some wonderful memories flooding back from 5 years ago when I was joined in marriage to the amazing and wonderful Julie. I never dreamed in a million years that I would be so happily married one day.
Just 7 years ago I was £30,000 in debt, my house was in negative equity and I was living back with my mother at the age of 59 sleeping in the bedroom I slept in as a child. I felt my life was over, but little did I know that just a few months later I would meet the woman of my dreams.
I thought it was all over
I remember thinking before I met Julie that I had blown it with two failed marriages, a failed business attempt, a personal bankruptcy and being made redundant three times. I was decorating to pay the mortgage on my house and the future looked very bleak. I remember genuinely thinking “this is it, I’ll just about survive, I’ll never have another holiday as long as I live, then I’ll die.”
Then I came across the Law of Attraction which states that what you feel every day is critically important to your future. They said that if you are more positive than negative on average every day your life will change for the better.
The power of the Dream Board
Another thing I stumbled across was the concept of a Vision Board (I call it a Dream Board) which is a board with pictures of things you want to achieve in the future – in essence a Bucket List in pictures. They said that if you put your dreams on a board and visualise having achieved them you will start to see these appear in your life.
At first I didn’t believe this nonsense but as I read more about this and saw how many famous and successful people used the concept of the Law of Attraction and the Vision Board I started to consider the possibility of trying this.
These words changed my life
Then I read the following words which changed my life: “You are where you are because of the thoughts you have had in your head, the words you have spoken and the actions you have taken. You can change where you head from this moment on by changing the way you think, the way you speak and the way you act.”
In essence they were saying that thinking and feeling more positive gives you a better chance of good things happening in your life.
So I thought I would give it a go and over the past 6 years my life has been completely transformed. I am now a Published Author with a second book in progress, an International Speaker, Executive Coach and Expert on Mental Resilience and I’m now developing online Masterclasses and Programmes.  
I have travelled the world
In the past 6 years I have spoken all over the world including the USA three times, Finland 4 times, Dubai 5 times, Germany 3 times, Ireland 3 times, Switzerland, Poland, Sweden, Malta and Gibraltar. I’ve also spoken on two Cruise ships one in the Caribbean and the other was the Queen Mary 2 to New York.
As I write the details of my travels it staggers me to think that just 7 short years ago, I was finished, depressed and was living with tremendous regret of a failed life.
Now I believe ‘The Best is yet to come!
What people say humbles me
The emails I receive on a regular basis from readers of my blog, attendees of my face to face Masterclasses or my NEW online Masterclasses gives me a tremendous feeling of appreciation that I can be used to help people get through tough times and to believe that a better life is possible for them too.
Around six months before I met Julie, I asked my best buddy Barry Manson if he would be my best man as I was going to get married again. At that time, I wasn’t even looking for a relationship but something inside me made me say that and he said yes.
An empty picture frame
I then read somewhere about visualisation regarding marriage. They suggested buying a picture frame and leaving it blank then every day before going to bed to look at that empty frame and to try to see a picture of my future wedding day.
Over the next few months slowly but surely the picture began to develop in my mind until I could clearly see myself and a lady in white next to me with a grass background where the post wedding photos would be taken.
Then it all changed
Once I had this picture, I let it go and stopped visualising then a few weeks later I met Julie on an internet dating site and the rest is history. She is so wonderful, and we are so compatible. We care for each other deeply and we take the time each day to tell each other this and this makes this relationship extra special.
I have posted the actual photo frame with our picture now inside the frame and you can see how similar it is to my visualisation. What is so lovely is that we got married late in life, for me at the age of 60, and it proves that ‘It’s never too late to get it right.’
Amazing Online Masterclasses
My New Online Masterclasses are going very well, and I received this from a large organisation who recently ran Masterclass 1 and are running Masterclass 2 this coming Friday:
 Samworth Brothers

“We held our very first Mental Resilience Masterclass last Friday with approximately thirty members of the technical community within Samworth Brothers. John hosted the meeting on Zoom, and it was great to see everyone on the screen at the same time.
John started by telling his story which then led nicely into sharing several techniques for managing our mental health and well-being during this time of change. It was highly informative and thought provoking.
There were some excellent lessons on home working especially as some of the team are working from home. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the session and we have the second Masterclass in two weeks-time.
I would highly recommend John and this Masterclass.”
Peter Dawson, Head of Group Integrity, Samworth Brothers (Owners of Ginsters Pasties, Soreen and Melton Mowbray Pies)

It’s even better now
 We have fine-tuned the Online programme and reduced it to 2 sessions of 60 minutes each on Zoom which has made them far superior in content and quality.
This is a link to the page on my website if you are interested in more details:
 Thoughts for the week 

  1. Do you feel like you have unfinished business in this life?
  2. Do you think you could have achieved more?
  3. If this is you then know that we all have more potential than we realise.
  4. This week start thinking about your feelings and make sure you are more positive than negative.
  5. Being grateful makes you feel better so think of things you are grateful for in your life when you feel down.
  6. Create your own Dream Board and watch what starts to happen.

If you have any questions or you need help with anything discussed in today’s blog then feel free to email me directly on for some free advice.
Well that’s if for this week have a really good bank holiday weekend and keep safe.
Warm and healthy regards


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