The Law of Attraction in Action!

The Law of Attraction in Action!

Hi John

This week has been unbelievably busy where I have had to rise at 4.30am 4 out of 5 mornings and been to bed late because of the workload. I have learned a great lesson from this week, and that is to take a helicopter view of my week to monitor the workload I am putting myself under to ensure I work at peak performance.

A very busy week

It started with a keynote talk to the staff of a private school in Northampton, followed the following day by an all day workshop which was intense. Then on Thursday morning I was in Barnsley to deliver a keynote talk to a networking event first thing then straight back to Nottingham to coach one of my clients.

The following day on Friday I coached another client at 8.15 am then had to drive to Ashbourne to meet the chairman of an Academy for Chief Executives group for some advice on business followed by a 3 hour drive to Bradford for a weekend men’s conference.

I was so tired that I knew I couldn’t survive attending both the Friday night and the all day Saturday conference so I made the wise decision to go to bed early on the Friday so that I could get the most out of Saturday. This was the best decision I could have made as I was fresh for the Saturday and it was a great conference.

What I have analysed is that I made the decision to add the two extra coaching sessions into an already busy diary and that tipped the balance over the edge. It would have been better to book the coaching sessions into the following week which would have reduced the stress of getting all over the country with very tight time limits. We cannot perform at peak levels if we are too busy. This is the learning I will take away from this week.

Got away with it

The good news is that all the coaching sessions, workshop and keynote talks went very well indeed but it took every ounce of my Mental Resilience to cope with the exhaustion and stress. It isn’t big and it isn’t clever, as in the long term there will be health issues related to this lifestyle.

The helicopter view takes in the whole week when planning, and you can see at a glance the impact of putting in a date in your diary. There is a great deal of planning for the workshops and keynote talks and time has to be put aside to plan and prepare for these. Time should be blocked out of your diary to complete these tasks.

The Law of Attraction

I had a great experience of the Law of Attraction in action a couple of weeks ago and it was a great example of doing the right thing. I was meeting a key client for lunch in Nottingham and I arrived 5 minutes early and parked outside the restaurant. As I was parking my car I noticed that there were roadworks to my right and I couldn’t open the door so I slowly moved backwards to a point where I could open my car door, then suddenly I felt that I had hit something.

Putting my handbrake on I slowly got out of my car and went to the back to see what I had hit and to my horror I saw a huge motorbike lying on its side. Because the bike was low I hadn’t seen it and as I gently hit the front tyre with my bumper it knocked it over. I couldn’t just leave it lying there and drive off so I had a go at lifting it. This was one heavy bike! I could hardly lift it and I am quite strong.

What do I do?

After a struggle I managed to lift it upright and to my horror the momentum and weight of the bike took it past its upright point and the bike started to tip the other way and no matter how hard I tried to pull it back I couldn’t stop it falling the other way and it took me with it. So here I was in my nice suit lying over the bike with both shins bleeding as the hit the bike as I fell.

I managed to get up quickly hoping that no one had seen me and was now looking at a bike which was damaged on both sides rather than one! I pulled my trousers legs up and saw the blood and several areas where the skin was missing but the good thing is that adrenaline took over and it didn’t hurt.

Here we go again

So I was now tempted to drive off leaving the bike where it was but I couldn’t do it. So I struggled again to try to get the bike upright and after about a minute I managed to hold it upright and I sat astride it to make sure it stayed there. It took me another 2 minutes to work out how to keep it upright when I finally discovered where the stand for the bike was hiding.

The bike was now upright and I could see a bit of damage. My hands were black so I found a tissue and cleaned them as best I could then got my bag and was about to leave for the restaurant then my conscious hit me. I didn’t feel right just leaving the bike, so I wrote a post it note with my number on and asked the owner to call me.

A great result

The lunch with my client was every interesting as the adrenaline was wearing off and the pain in my shins was getting worse. I managed to concentrate enough to have a good meeting then we parted company. Later that day I got a call from the owner of the bike to say it was in the garage to be assessed for damage.

I feared the worst but to cut a long story short the final bill was tiny because he and the garage owner couldn’t believe that someone had left a note on the bike – something the garage owner had never come across before. Because of this the owner just asked him to repair the parts to make it good to ride. I have of course offered a free book to the owner.

The Law of Attraction is a wonderful thing

The best thing about this event is that the following day I met a new client and signed the biggest coaching contract I have ever had. This was for two directors and a managing director from one company. I truly believe that this was the Law of Attraction working because I did the right thing with the bike.

Tips for the week

1. Be aware of the amount of things you take on in your week and don’t overdo it
2. Take the helicopter view of your week and make sure you have scheduled planning time as well as time for meetings and presentations
3. Do the right thing when faced with situations where you could get away with something. These can look like little things that are not important, but they really are.
4. The Law of Attraction works on the principles of sow and reap. Do the right things and good things will happen to you
5. Be careful when reversing you never know what might be behind you!!!!

Have a great week ahead and stay positive

Warm regards


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