What All High Achievers Have In Common

This week has been busy as usual with several meetings with new clients and people who inspire me and I can learn from. These mentors are very kind people who give their time to meet with me and every time I come away from one of these meetings there will be a new action I need to take to move my business forward.

I have just taken delivery of some more books as they are selling well and I have 4 speaking events coming up with audiences of a few hundred in each so I hope to sign a few books at each of these events. The meeting I had in Harrogate today with an international speaker was very enjoyable and enlightening as we shared what had been happening in our lives since we met a year ago.


We have been meeting for the past 4 years just once a year for breakfast at Betty’s in Harrogate I always pay and he shares his wisdom with me. He has been speaking for 10 years and is now a recognised international speaker who has spoken over 950 times. He shared his thoughts on what I should be charging for my speaking, my marketing, and how being an author makes you an expert in your field.

Since we met a year ago I have got married, written and published a book, increased my client base considerably and have many potential seeds of business out there. I’ve also spoken at a Rotary Conference to over 600 people and had this videod to go on You Tube soon. I have 2,400 twitter followers, blog every weekend and over 1,300 Linkedin connections.

A busy 12 months

So a lot has happened in the past 12 months and it is important to take stock of the growth which has taken place to maintain a positive mindset when things are still challenging out there. As any speaker, trainer or coach will confirm it is still hard work to get the business coming in on a regular basis and you can’t just sit back and wait for it to come in.

I am currently on day 3 of a heavy cold I am suffering with, which is a bit of a shock as I have just recovered from a throat infection where I lost my voice, so a bit of a double whammy. However it is Commitment which is one of the Key Pillars of Mental Resilience which has kept me going over the past 3 days.

An early start

Yesterday I was up at 4.30am to get on the road for 5am to make sure that I got to Harrogate by 6.45am so I would have time for my quiet time. When I read positive books and visualise all the things I want to achieve on my dream board which I have recently redone. I have achieved quite a few things on my Dream Board including getting married and publishing a book so it was time to remove these and the other things from the board and add some new ones.

I believe that as I spend time every morning seeing myself enjoying these achievements in my life, I am bringing these things into my life quicker – it really is a powerful tool which takes Goal Setting to a new level. Goal setting has been proven to work and goal setting in pictures just seems to add a new level of commitment and motivation.

This morning I got up again at 4.30am to leave for 5am to get to Heathrow Airport where I am attending an intense two day coaching course. This course is run by Master Coaches who will improve not only my coaching but also the marketing of my coaching. I feel awful but it’s only a cold and will not stop me attending this very important course.

My Inner Chimp

My Inner Chimp was telling me to cancel and stay in bed as it did on Friday morning when the alarm went off at 4.30am but because I didn’t listen to the naughty Chimp I went to Harrogate and ended up with some very valuable information which will greatly help my business. It would have been nice to have a lie in and nurse the cold a bit but that wouldn’t move my business forward. Last night my wife Julie said that my Mental Resilience would get me to Harrogate and she was right.

It is now Saturday 1.30pm and I am in a Heathrow airport hotel and the course has been fantastic so far. I have learned so much already and this will definitely help my business grow and I feel good for getting up at that crazy time this morning. This allowed me to get to Heathrow by 7am so I could have time for my quiet time reading motivation books and you guessed it – Visualise all the things on my Dream Board.

Mental Resilience

Julie tells me that it is the dogged determination that led me to play for England and professionally and will help me make a success of this business. I will be in bed by 8pm tonight and as many of you know I will be asleep in a couple of minutes sleeping 10 hours to be fresh for tomorrow’s session. Sleep is important and lack of it affects our ability to think, to be creative, it also increases the chances of type 2 Diabetes and suffering a stroke.

The list of damaging effects of lack of sleep is in my book ‘Off the Wall’ which is available at and as usual all my blog readers can receive free postage and packing if they enter the code free15 when prompted.

Tips for the week
1. Commitment is one of the most important attributes you can have as a human being. It’s like making a promise and keeping it. All high achievers have this.
2. Your Inner Chimp always wants to feel good and will always look for the pleasant or easy things to make it happy. This is the opposite of what high achievers do – they do the tough things first then enjoy the rewards after
3. Think of what you have committed to and mark yourself out of 10 as to how you are doing with these things. If you are low on some, it’s not too late to get back on track
4. Do you have a mentor or two if not find them. They could be people you already know or people you respect and they will help you reach your goals quicker

Have a great week and stay positive

Warm regards


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