The Vital Importance of Momentum

It has been a fascinating week where I attended a fantastic day with David Hyner and Lee Jackson to discuss the changing face of schools and their budgets. It was a great day spent to understand where the budgets are now being spent. The good news is that my area of expertise in Mental Resilience and confidence for exams is very relevant.

This has given me a whole host of ideas to develop over the next month to then apply to my marketing to schools. I have already spoken a good number of Academies this year and the feedback has been very positive.

Key markets

I am also approaching other key corporate markets which I believe will really benefit from their staff learning to cope better with stress and to perform better under pressure. I received an email this week from a London based company with links in the USA who want to meet with me to see if they will engage my services for 2018/19.

My 10-year USA visa is something I am excited about and I am very close to something in the US later this year. No guarantees regarding this opportunity but we are close, and at the end of the day, you have to be in it to win it.


Momentum is something I have read about in many business books and I can feel it starting with my business. It has taken 7 years to get to this stage with the first 3 years spent painting and decorating to pay the bills. The next four have been spent working hard marketing myself to various industries.

The difference I have noticed is that I am receiving referrals as well as companies finding my website. This is quite exciting because it means they are coming to me. I’ve had two such contacts this week.

Companies approaching me

One is a radio group who contacted me to see if my material will be relevant for their staff. I have met with them and the meeting went very well. The second is a large multinational company who have asked me to tender for a Mental Resilience contract and I am joining my partner in Sheffield to tender for this.

I feel a bit like Colonel Sanders from KFC who had a great product but no one knew about it. He travelled the USA in his old car going from chicken fryer to chicken fryer and each time he was told to get lost. Eventually after 1,009 visits a chicken fryer said yes and Kentucky Fried Chicken was born. He always had the product it just took time for people to discover it.

Mental Resilience changes lives

In my case I believe that I have a wonderful product in Mental Resilience which changes people’s lives – it’s just taking time for people to discover it. I am currently working with a large international company and have delivered 2 talks and a full day Masterclass and the feedback has been great.

The key to gaining momentum is working hard and never giving up. You have to really believe in your product and there is no plan B! When you get knocked down you brush yourself down and get back up again, and again, and again!

Thoughts for the week.

1. How do you respond to pressure?
2. Do you get stressed out when faced with negativity?
3. There are techniques to help with both of these.
4. When you learn to cope with stress and pressure you perform better and stay healthier.
5. What you think and what you say is what you get in life, so make sure your thinking and speaking is positive.

My book has been receiving glowing reviews from people who say that just by reading the book they are learning new techniques and living less stressed happier lives. What an honour it is to be running JD Mindcoach.

Well that’s it for this week. Have a wonderful weekend and stay positive.

Warm regards


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