What are Your Positives from this Coronavirus Outbreak?

What an exciting week this has been where I have delivered my first 2 online Masterclasses for two different companies on Zoom. It felt like I was starting my business all over again with the same pressure I felt when I first started all those years ago. Online is vastly different to face to face.  
The feedback from the sessions has been very positive and as each week goes by these Masterclasses will improve beyond measure. Working across the internet is different and creates its own challenges. For example, speaking to a laptop screen is completely different to speaking to a live audience – but after only two deliveries I am already comfortable with this.
A new world
We are currently living in a new world and we either adapt or we stand by frozen by fear and watch as things fall apart. I decided to act and do what I have been trying to do for a couple of years and that is to embrace the internet and all the potential it holds.
I knew that I needed to start working on all the online potential out there, but I didn’t have the knowledge or the time to develop this. Then Covid-19 came along, and everything changed.
It has taken weeks of intense work to develop these two new Masterclasses to help staff who are still at work, are working from home, or are furloughed.
A change for the better
I had originally produced 3 Masterclasses to run in a programme but it turned out to be too complicated for companies to make a commitment but now we have two outstanding new Masterclasses to choose from and that has opened the door.
The first 1-hour Masterclass covers the important foundations of Mental Resilience with some powerful techniques and the second develops the mastery of Mental Resilience with further techniques including my life changing Confidence Technique, the Sleep Technique, creating a Dream Board and the 5 Key Pillars of Mental Resilience.
If anyone would like more information on these new Masterclasses, simply reply to this blog.
I want to take this opportunity to thank someone who is helping me immensely in developing these online Masterclasses and he’s brought a real level of professionalism and knowledge to the business. He has skills I don’t have and together we are producing some outstanding new Masterclasses. He knows who he is and when the time is right, I will introduce him.
There is always a seed of something positive
Many times, I’ve mentioned that I believe there is always a seed of something positive in every negative situation and for me the positive of the Coronavirus outbreak is the necessity to move much of my business online. This has been a huge wakeup call and has given me the drive and energy to action this.  

This will be the future for many of us and I believe more of us will be working from home by choice after the lockdown. People will have adapted to working from home and will have started to enjoy the experience and will particularly enjoy not having to commute to work and back every day. The environment will also benefit with less cars on the road.
This is serious
I am taking this seriously and I’ve ordered Virgin Media broadband 300 which will be connected very soon and will give me around 300mb download speed which is very fast and will be reliable which is the critical thing.
I have also ordered a top of the range Rode Podcaster microphone to make sure my voice will sound as good as possible when I deliver my Masterclasses and when recording Podcasts. I am buying a new powerful computer that can handle all that I will do in the future both reliably and effectively. My laptop has now become the most important tool I have, and it needs to perform perfectly.
What is Your Positive from the Coronavirus outbreak?
I have many positives from this outbreak and one of them is that I have been forced to move online and that is a wonderful thing. I am now on the way and I can’t wait to see how my business evolves as the weeks and months go by.
We always have a choice of how we respond to almost everything. Covid-19 is a huge blow to the entire world and can be compared to a World War in many ways. How we respond to it is critical.
Thoughts for the week 

  1. Can you find some positives in this current climate?
  2. If you can great now see if you can find some more.
  3. If you can’t try to find something in your world which had improved.
  4. It could be more time with the family or more walks and fresh air.
  5. It could be appreciating not having to drive to work every day.
  6. Each day this week focus on the positives you have found, and you will feel better. 

Well that’s it for this week be aware of your thoughts and try to focus on positive things to make you feel better.
Have a wonderful weekend and keep safe.
Warm and healthy regards.


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