When Did You Last Thank Someone?

What a great finish to the week where I had the pleasure of presenting Masterclass 1 from my Mind Resilience Programme to the Peer2Peer Group run by successful entrepreneur Simon H-C in Christchurch, Dorset.
The venue was the famous and stunning 5* Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa set in beautiful grounds and was a lovely way to deliver one of my last Masterclasses in 2022.
The group were simply fantastic, and the discussions as shown in the photo were engaging and fun. There were some great take-aways and they loved my personal story of overcoming adversity both in my early years of life as well as two years ago.
Your character leads to your destiny
I came across this in Word for Today and it really made me think
The old saying goes: ‘Watch your thoughts for they become your words. Watch your words for they become your deeds. Watch your deeds because they become your habits. Watch your habits because they become your character. Watch your character because it becomes your destiny.’
How true this is. 8 years ago, when I was deep in debt, unemployed, single, and living with my mother aged 60 my thoughts were very negative and dark. I believed that I had blown my life and that I would be on my own for ever and would never have another holiday because of my huge debts.
My thoughts led to negative words where I just focussed on the bad things in my life and the hopeless situation I was in. This led to me having less energy and I was in a circle of destruction.
Then I discovered the power of positivity and in particular gratitude. Being grateful makes you feel good and increases your energy, this leads to you achieving more with your time. This results in good work and rest habits, this in turn develops your character. Your character ultimately leads to your destiny.
Everything is different
My destiny now is very different to the one I was facing when I had a negative mindset. I have spoken abroad 22 times in the past 8 years, I have found true love with Julie and all my debts are paid off. I am loving life and I spend it helping people live better lives.
It all starts with thoughts! You must be aware of your thoughts, and you need to control the negative thoughts as much as possible to create a great destiny. As you change your thoughts you change your destiny.
The power of words
I also came across this account of a teacher who thought she had wasted her life but in fact she had a massive impact on many students, but she never knew. How sad and heart-breaking. I nearly shed a tear reading this.
“Author Barbara Glanz talks about a gentleman who remembered his eighth-grade literature teacher.
He wrote to her and received this reply: ‘You will never know how much your letter meant. I’m 83 years old, and…living all alone. My friends are all gone. My family’s gone.
I taught school 50 years and yours is the first “thank you” letter I have ever gotten from a student. Sometimes I wonder what I did with my life. I will read and reread your letter until the day I die.’
Ironically, she was the teacher students talked most about at class reunions, but nobody ever told her.
Showing appreciation costs so little in terms of time and money, but it can mean the world to somebody. So today, who do you need to express your appreciation to?”
How powerful is this story?
This poor woman was all alone thinking back on her life and believing that she hadn’t made a difference, that her life had been totally wasted. The exact opposite was in fact true.
This simple gesture of sending a letter changed her world and, in the future, as she continued to read and reread that letter, she would feel comforted knowing that in fact her life was well lived.
Wow, that is profound and very powerful. How often do we thank people? Maybe we too could change someone’s life for the better with a simple thank you.
Thoughts for the week. 

  1. Who do you know in your life who has ever done anything good for you?
  2. This week, think back and is there anyone you can remember who helped you in some way who you haven’t thanked.
  3. When you have someone in mind, contact them in some way to say thank you and what it meant to you.
  4. They will be blessed, and so will you. 

Well, that’s it for this week, have a wonderful weekend and keep believing.
Warm regards


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