Has Anyone Had a Huge Impact on Your Life?

I recently met up with a great man called Rob Brown. Rob is an amazing speaker and an amazing man. He probably doesn’t appreciate the impact he had on me with his mentorship and help in my early speaking days.
Rob was introduced to me by Jeff Monk from The Academy for Chief Executives (now known as Vistage) with a view to giving me a little help regarding my speaking career. Rob spent many hours with me giving me great advice to help me start my speaking business.

He blew me away with his gesture
We met regularly and he wouldn’t take any payment for any of his time. He simply shared some great wisdom and then he did something which I will never forget.
He gave me his PowerPoint presentation on Mental Toughness. Yes, you heard that right – he gave me the PowerPoint he had put together for himself so I could use it as a basis for my presentations.
He felt that my life experience had all the hallmarks of Mental Toughness, and he suggested that I move in that direction.
What amazing generosity
What incredible generosity from a great man. I was blown away with this gift and I used many of the slides he gave me to start developing a Masterclass which I renamed Mental Resilience.
Since those early days I have added to the content but without that help at the beginning I don’t know if I would have made it, so I owe Rob a great debt of gratitude. It takes a very big person to have the confidence to share something so personal knowing that I could receive bookings that could have gone to him.
But his philosophy of helping people when they are in need superseded any ‘what if’s’ and he just gave the best of himself and what he had. His advice shaped my speaking career, and I will forever be grateful for that.
We had a great time together
During our recent time together, I had the opportunity to thank him properly for his mentorship and kindness and this blog is a further way to honour him.
It is so easy in life to keep moving forward to achieve our goals at breakneck speed but sometimes it is important to reflect on our lives and give thanks where it is due.
Our time together with his wife Amanda was special, sharing in the laughter and memories of those early days. They are a wonderful couple with great big hearts, and I will forever be grateful for their generosity and kindness.
My time to help others
I have learned from this experience, and I have mentored quite a few people over the years based on the experience of working with Rob. I saw how he gave of himself selflessly and what a huge impact it had on me, and I have taken that forward into my life.
It is a great way to live and what I have found is as I spend time helping people my life seems to get better. I’m not sure exactly why that happens but it does. It also makes me feel really good and that is enough. 
Thoughts for the week 

  1. Can you think of anyone in your life who helped you in a significant way?
  2. Are you able to locate this person now?
  3. If you can, I challenge you to contact them and let them know what impact they had.
  4. It could be online, a phone call, a card in the post, a knock on the door.
  5. The impact on them hearing from you is immeasurable.  
  6. This week think about the people in your life and is there anyone you can help or mentor in any way?

Well that’s it for this week have a wonderful weekend and keep believing.
Warm regards


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