How is your Reticular Activating System?

There are two key principles I have discovered that have transformed my life. One is the Law of Attraction, and the second is the Vision Board, or as I like to call it, the ‘Dream Board’. These two concepts are things that I have bought into in a big way, and they have changed the way I look at life; in particular, the way I look at my future.

The Dream Board is, in principle, a bucket list of all the things you want to achieve before you die – but instead of using words, these dreams are represented in pictures. The Law of Attraction is basically the theory of ‘Sow and Reap’ where you get back exactly what you give out, whether positive or negative. So to create a good future for yourself you need to give out good things in thoughts, words and deeds.

The brain is amazing!

There is great power in visualising pictures and something happens when we regularly visualise the scene of something we want to appear in our lives. By looking at the picture regularly, and imagining it as if you already have it, you somehow increase the chances of this appearing in your life.

One thing that most people agree on is that the brain is an incredible organ. One of the most difficult to conceive parts of your brain is a small section identified as the Reticular Activating System (RAS). This tiny portion of the human brain is the size of your little finger and it can actually have a major role in, and effect on, your life in general.

The gatekeeper

At any given time, during your daily activities, your mind is bombarded with millions of bits of sensory stimulations from the physical environment. Sounds, smells, tastes, sights and feelings are continually being downloaded into your system, and your mind needs a way to filter that information. This is the purpose of the RAS and the reason it came into being.

The Reticular Activating System sits in your brain and acts as a filter which adapts to different types of situations and reacts instantly. The RAS can be seen as a bouncer at the door of your mind. Your beliefs tell the RAS what is or what is not important, chiefly making a list of all the information invited. Your RAS then acts like the club bouncer, letting whoever is on the list in and thrusting the rest onto the curb.

They are everywhere!

Of those millions of bits of information cited earlier, your RAS only lets around 130 pieces per second in to your conscious mind. That’s about all that your central nervous system can handle at one time. The details you let in are the ones that you have decided to be important enough for yourself.

Have you ever experienced a situation where you have bought something new and suddenly these things are everywhere – for example a new car or new pair of shoes? This is quite simply the fact that your RAS has accepted that this new purchase is now important to you. Because of this it allows these other identical items into your conscious mind – they were always there but you now notice them!

Dubai was a Dream which has now come true!

As you visualise the things on your Dream Board, you bring these things to the attention of your RAS and the doorkeeper allows them into your conscious mind. An example of this is Dubai, which is somewhere I have been very keen to go to speak, train or coach. I have the tallest building in the world the Burj Kaleefa and the 7 star Burj Al-Arab hotels on my board, as well as a large speaking auditorium.

It was about three years ago when I started visualising myself out there every single morning and what I was doing was creating a ‘VIP Pass’ for my doorkeeper (my RAS). Because of this everywhere I went I was aware of Dubai conversations and connections. Within a short period of time I had several contacts and was getting closer.

Still hard to believe

It is important to note that three years ago I was decorating full time in order to pay the bills, as I was building this business. It seems barely believable that I am now looking forward to my third trip this year. I have also been featured in two of the biggest magazines in Dubai with a 3 page and a 6 page feature.

I have already been to Dubai on two occasions and on each occasion I have spoken. I am now booked to go again in November to speak at an event organised by the British Embassy in Dubai. I truly believe that without my Dream Board and the impact this has had on my RAS I would not be developing this amazing work out in Dubai.

Three thoughts for the week:

1. If you have something you really want to achieve, get a picture of it and every day visualise yourself having achieved this dream
2. Through this visualisation you are educating your RAS to raise your antenna to help develop this vision into reality
3. If you really want to test this then try it – don’t just read about it!

Well that’s it for another week – life is getting very exciting and this week’s blog is one of the reasons why. More details are available in chapter 13 and 14 of my book.

Have a great weekend and stay positive.

Warm regards


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