Rolls Royce are Back

What a wonderful week this has been with two Masterclasses delivered to two outstanding organisations – Vistage and Rolls Royce.
The first was booked by Claire Farley and I have to thank her for this as Vistage are an outstanding organisation based in the USA. They are the world’s largest executive coaching organisation for small and medium sized businesses. I have run quite a few of these and I love the challenge of inspiring these leaders.
Vistage has 24,000 members across 20 countries including the UK. Claire runs a Vistage group, and I had the great pleasure to run my half day Masterclass for her members. The group was excellent with great interaction and the feedback was outstanding.
Rolls Royce
I then had the pleasure to deliver my one-hour Masterclass (1) from my Mental Resilience Programme to Rolls Royce at their Flight Operations Centre at East Midlands Airport. This session was booked by Steve Roebuck the Head of Quality Assurance and Certification for Civil Large Engines.
A big thank you to Steve who had booked me in the past and decided that Mental Resilience was a key requirement for his team considering the impact Covid has had on mental health. This was a great one-hour session, and the team were very engaged and interactive, they even tried to spin the basketball at the end of the session.
The last time I worked with Rolls Royce was in early 2020 then Covid hit, and all training was cancelled for the foreseeable future. This went on for more than 2 years and if I am honest, I couldn’t guarantee that they would book me again. I didn’t know which direction they would head after the huge impact Covid had on the business.
Dream Board
To help me through this time and to keep my belief positive I used my Dream Board. This is simply an A4 piece of paper with photographs taken from the internet and each one of these photographs represents something I want to achieve in life.
Many are experiences around the world like flying in a helicopter over Victoria falls or crossing the longest glass bridge in the world in China. Other photos represent things I want to achieve like working more in Dubai and other countries across the world as well as specific companies I want to work with.
One of these pictures is an image of a Rolls Royce building with an aeroplane flying above it. Most aeroplane engines are Rolls Royce engines, and this is a picture I have visualised for many years. I put this picture on my board before I ever got work with Rolls Royce then I used it to keep motivated to get more work with them.
I start the day on a positive note
I look at my Dream Board every morning and visualise myself achieving every picture on the board. It can take up to 20 minutes to complete but it clearly appears to work because I have achieved 23 things on the board from getting married to Julie to speaking in Dubai and America as well as speaking on the QE2 for a free cruise from the UK to New York.  
When I achieve one of the images, I take it off the board and put it on another board which I call my Success Board. I then replace the image with a new exciting image which I then visualise each morning.
The Reticular Activating System
There is something called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) which is part of the brain which blocks out 99% of everything around us so we can cope with life.
Have you ever had the experience of buying something new like a car then seeing that particular car everywhere? Well, this is the RAS working. When something is important to us the RAS spots this and allows it into our conscious mind, so we are aware of it.
After a week or two this isn’t so important to us anymore and the RAS blocks it again, so we don’t see them anymore. This is a very important principle because when we look at our Dream Board every day the RAS knows that each of these images is important to us, and it allows them into our conscious mind.
Things started to appear in my life
I had the two top hotels in Dubai on my board the Al Arab and the Khalifa, and I visualised being in these hotels over and over. Then as if by magic I started to make connections with people who knew someone in Dubai or lived there themselves.
It seemed that everywhere I went Dubai would be mentioned but it was simply my RAS which allowed me to be made aware of anything connected with Dubai and of course I would be mentioning Dubai and asking questions about it. I have now been to Dubai 4 times, and we have been on the 124th floor viewing gallery of the Khalifa hotel.
So, there is a science behind the Dream Board, and I have heard so many stories from various people of how they started a Dream Board and very soon these things are appearing in their lives.
This really works
If you haven’t tried this, I highly recommend creating one. There are two benefits – one is that things you desire appear in your life and secondly when you have finished visualising your dreams in the morning you feel excited, positive and ready to take on the day.
Simply reply to this blog if you would like to create a Dream Board for yourself and if you do, I will send you a free one-page worksheet which gives you every detail you need to create your own board in just a couple of hours. To create an effective Dream Board, you only need 6-8 pictures to begin with.
My Dream Board kept the dream alive
The picture of Rolls Royce kept me going. I could have removed it and given up, but I didn’t. I still visualised working with Rolls Royce every day believing that one day they would come back, and they have. Because Rolls Royce was in my RAS I kept in touch with my contacts on a regular basis and because of this Steve contacted me.
I have already had three enquiries from Rolls Royce on the back of the session I ran for Steve, so I am believing that there is more to come from this World Class organisation.
Thoughts for the week 

  1. What do you use to motivate yourself daily?
  2. How do you start your day?
  3. Do you just get up and stumble through the day or do you have a system to get you into a positive frame of mind to take that day on?
  4. I highly recommend the Dream Board to not only achieve more in your life but to get you fired up for the day.
  5. Email me for the free worksheet if you are interested. 

Well that’s it for this week have a wonderful weekend and keep believing.
Warm regards


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