Sometimes a Personal Story Says it All

Many of you will know that I have a 97-year-old mum who is amazing. She never complains, is doing very well for her age and has a favourite saying, ‘Think Happy and you will be Happy.’
What wise words and she has lived by these principles all her life and I wonder if this is why she is doing so well. This is something I have been speaking and writing about for many years and I truly believe that what you think about whether positive or negative really affects your future.
A full day online Masterclass
This Wednesday I delivered a full day Mental Resilience Masterclass on Zoom to a company in Scotland. I had everything prepared and was set up and ready to go when I received a phone call from my mum’s carer who informed me that my mum had fallen and couldn’t get up.
She was conscious and didn’t appear to have any injuries, but she couldn’t get up and the carer was struggling to help her up. We discussed this for a couple of minutes, and I asked her if she could liaise with my wife Julie who was at work but could get involved with this situation.
She was in good hands
I then left them to act in the best way possible for mum. Just as I was starting the Zoom session the carer called and said that the ‘Lifeline’ people had called for an Ambulance, and it was on its way. As you can imagine this was a tough thing to handle as I started the Masterclass.
Using the Mental Resilience techniques, I share across the world I managed to focus fully on the session and only switched off in the breaks when I was able to check mum’s progress.
Mum had fallen a few times before so it was a concern and at the age of 97 (she is 98 on the 1st August) you just don’t know how serious the situation could be.
So far so good
Just before the afternoon session was about to begin, I received a phone call from a doctor at the hospital which I had to take. They told me that the CT scan was fine and the ECG was fine and they were just waiting for the bloods to come back.
I then continued with the afternoon session to its conclusion. The session seemed to go well I then fully focused on mum and her situation. Because of Covid we couldn’t just go down to the hospital, but we had to wait until the blood results were in.
The blood results came in about 8pm and were all good so we picked mum up at 8.45pm.
Something I will never forget
The reason I am sharing this with you today is the next bit which is something I will never forget and makes me fill up right now as I think about it. I call this a ‘Golden Moment’.
I walked into Accident and Emergency and asked about mum in reception. They told me that she would be in a wheelchair, and she would appear soon down a corridor to the left of reception.  
So I took a seat and waited a few minutes then in the distance I could see mum being wheeled towards me and she looked lost and sad. At first, she didn’t see me then she recognised me, and you could see a smile in her eyes and she waved.
A magic moment
When so got to me you could see how happy she was. She was helped to her feet then something happened which really touched me. Instead of the usual smile and hello she just grabbed me in a hug and wouldn’t let go. It was a very touching moment and one which I will never ever forget.
As we walked to the car to meet up with Julie, mum told me that she thought she had been forgotten and would be on her own from now on. It broke my heart to hear this and it’s so good to have her back to normal where she phones me every night to say goodnight and God Bless.
She still lives in her own home
She still lives at home where I was brought up as a child in a converted downstairs living area, so she is safe from the potential of falling down the stairs. She has carers with her in the morning and in the evening to give her food and tablets but apart from that she still dresses herself and makes herself cups of tea and watches TV.
Mum has the luxury of a TV in the lounge and a Polish TV in her bedroom. She is Polish and this TV in her native language gives her great comfort. What blessed me most is the fact that mum didn’t complain about anything she was just happy to be back home eating a sandwich with a cup of tea with Julie and myself.
Because at the end of the day mum lives by her moto ‘Think Happy and you will be Happy’.

Thoughts for the week:

  1. Relationships are the most important thing in the world.
  2. There is something very special when you are close to someone.
  3. When something negative happens there is always a seed of something positive.
  4. We didn’t want this to happen but because it did, I received a hug which will be with me until the day I die.
  5. This week think about the people closest to you and tell them how much they mean to you. 

Well that’s if for this week have a wonderful weekend and think happy.
Warm regards

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