Laser Like Focus Increases Productivity

Focus is your ability to centre your attention and energy on a specific task, object or activity for a sustained length of time. If you want to succeed in life, if you want to get what you desire most, if you want to achieve your goals, you need to master the art of focus. 
This doesn’t only apply to succeeding in your business, in your career, or improving your financial situation. It stands true for every aspect of your life including finding more fulfilment, forming better relationships, improving your health, and learning new skills.
What is Focus?
Reaching and maintaining a state of ‘laser-like focus’ takes practise and discipline. It is something that should always be at the back of your mind and a part of you should always be able to see yourself as having already achieved your goal.
As you practice this, with time, you will develop a personal guidance system that will instantly warn you if you start moving away from your goal, so that you can get back on track.

Distraction destroys productivity
People often think they are focused, but in most cases they are not. They may be working on an important task, but often their minds are roaming and they are thinking about something else. They may even be checking their emails every 20 minutes, or getting distracted by all sorts of things that are going on around them.
Laser-like focus means all your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions are fully aligned with your goal all day long – day in, day out.
“Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you want. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.” Paulo Coelho
A surgeon in the Isle of Man
When I used to travel around the country (pre covid) to coach, deliver masterclasses or speak at conferences, I always had ‘pockets of time’ that were available to me. These offered an opportunity to either get bored waiting for the plane to take off, or the train to leave the station, or I could use these ‘golden pockets’ to get important things done.
“I had a coaching client in the Isle of Man and this involved me driving to Manchester airport, flying out at 10AM and flying back at 5PM. As you can imagine, I had all sorts of ‘golden pockets’ of time to either use constructively or not.
I chose to be very focused in these times and I immediately took action on the next task on my ‘Important Task List.’
Before I learned the techniques of laser-like focus, I would read a paper or check my phone, or just sit and get bored. This achieved two things: firstly, it made me miserable and fed up, and secondly, I wasted valuable time where I could have achieved so much.
Now I have a list of important things I can get on with straight away as soon as the time window appears.
Waiting time at the airport now became a great opportunity to write a chapter of my new book, or send an e-mail, or complete a proposal. I feel really good as I am achieving things and the time absolutely flies. No longer do I dread delays or long journeys – I embrace them and use them to get good stuff done.”
The eye of the bird
“An ancient sage was teaching his disciples the art of archery. He put a wooden bird as the target and asked them to aim at the eye of the bird.
The first disciple was asked to describe what he saw. He said, ‘I see the trees, the branches, the leaves, the sky, the bird and its eye.’ The sage asked this disciple to shoot, and he missed.
Then he asked the second disciple the same question and he replied, ‘I only see the eye of the bird.’ The sage said, ‘very good, then shoot.’ The arrow went straight and hit the eye of the bird.
What is the moral of the story? Unless we focus, we cannot achieve our goal.”
Thoughts for the week: 

  1. On a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the highest how do you score on focus?
  2. If you scored lower than 8 then you need to work on your focus.
  3. Laser like focus where you block out everything is extremely productive time.
  4. This week practice laser like focus focusing on something for a short period of time without drifting onto something else.
  5. Maybe start with 10mins then 20mins and build it up to 60 minutes.
  6. Key fact – You are around 4 times more effective when you are fully focused. 

Well, that’s it for this week have a wonderful weekend and stay focused.
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