Sometimes We Don’t See the Good Stuff

Julie and I had a wonderful holiday where I rested fully for the first time in 8 years. I thought that all the trips I had abroad were holidays, but they were in fact working trips. What amazed me on this holiday was how relaxed and peaceful I felt throughout the trip.
I didn’t have to think about work, and I reached a very deep level of peace and relaxation which I don’t ever remember feeling before. So, this is a lesson learned for the future. I speak a lot about rest and recovery during the week but it’s equally important to have a good restful holiday.
This is my first week back and it has been wonderful to deliver two Masterclasses and to coach 5 people. I love delivering both Masterclasses and coaching people to be a better version of themselves. It gives me a great thrill to see how quickly individuals change when they start to apply some of the techniques I teach them.
Great to be back
I had the privilege to deliver Mental Resilience Masterclass 1 to the staff of Radius Payment Solutions on behalf of Live and Learn and also deliver the same Masterclass to the Electrical Industries Charity on behalf of Champions Speakers.
Both were great fun to deliver, and the feedback was amazing. They seem to love my personal story of overcoming adversity as well as the excellent techniques I share to help them deal with stress and overcome challenges they are facing.
This made me think back to the day when I lost all my business due to Covid. One minute I had bookings 6 months ahead and the next I had nothing. I remember sitting in my upstairs bedroom which is now my office and wondering what the heck had happened.
I wanted to give up
I was 66 years of age and receiving my state pension. I remember thinking about retiring gracefully but something inside wouldn’t let me do that. So, I wrote my second book ‘100 Days to Mental Resilience’ and I split my full day Masterclass into 3 x 1-hour Masterclasses and started to deliver them online.
At first this was extremely difficult as I had to learn new technology and clients weren’t that keen on booking these. But as I delivered these, I was very pleased to see that the feedback from each one was very good. I bought a better laptop and invested in the best internet connection.
I worked hard on improving the content of each one until I was happy. Now I am delivering these across the world. Since the demise of Covid I am out and about delivering these face to face to amazing clients like Rolls Royce, Siemens, NSG Pilkington Glass and Radius Payment Solutions.
Covid helped me
As I think back to Covid I am reminded that without Covid I would be still running my full day Masterclass and I wouldn’t have any online Masterclass to deliver. These 1-hour Masterclasses are extremely popular because they are inspirational and deliver outstanding techniques which attendees can start using straight away.
These Masterclasses also work extremely well for all staff from senior management to shop floor and admin staff. Often it is very difficult to find the right type of training which works for shop floor and admin workers and because these are fun, inspirational, and only last an hour I have found that companies are booking these to help these staff and not just leadership teams.
It delights me to be in a position to help all staff and is a breath of fresh air. When they first arrive, they are sceptical but very soon are thoroughly enjoying the session and engaging with the exercises. They also love the Action Plan I send them to help them integrate the techniques they learn into their daily routines.
They also feel valued that companies are taking the time and trouble to book sessions like these for them.
Finding the positive in every negative situation
I believe that there is always the seed of something positive in every negative situation. If you look for it you will find it. I have a habit of always finding that seed in everything that goes wrong then I move forward. I won’t move forward until I have found that positive seed which means at least I can move forward with something positive to think about.
In this case it is my new Mind Resilience Programme of 3 x 1-hour Masterclasses which is the positive coming out of me losing all my business.
Finding something positive in every negative situation can have several benefits:

Resilience: It helps build resilience by enabling you to bounce back from adversity. Focusing on the positive aspects of a negative situation can help you develop a more optimistic outlook, which in turn strengthens your ability to cope with challenges.

Mental well-being: It promotes a positive mindset and improves mental well-being. When you actively seek out the positive aspects of a negative situation, you shift your attention away from dwelling on the negative, which can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Problem-solving: It enhances problem-solving skills. By looking for the positive, you train your brain to seek solutions and possibilities even in difficult circumstances. This mindset can lead to creative problem-solving and help you find alternative approaches to overcome challenges.

Personal growth: It facilitates personal growth and self-improvement. By finding something positive in negative situations, you can learn valuable lessons, gain new perspectives, and develop new skills. It encourages self-reflection and encourages you to grow and evolve as an individual.

Increased gratitude: It fosters gratitude and appreciation. Finding something positive in difficult situations can make you more aware of the good things in your life. It encourages gratitude for the blessings you have, making you more mindful of the positive aspects of your experiences.

Motivation and productivity: It boosts motivation and productivity. A positive outlook can increase your motivation to take action, persist in the face of challenges, and maintain focus on your goals. This can lead to improved productivity and achievement.

Emotional well-being: It promotes emotional well-being. Focusing on the positive helps shift your emotional state towards happiness, contentment, and hope. It can uplift your mood and generate positive emotions, contributing to overall emotional well-being.

Remember that finding something positive in every negative situation doesn’t mean denying or dismissing the negative aspects. It’s about cultivating a balanced perspective that acknowledges challenges while actively seeking and appreciating the positive elements that can emerge from them.
Thoughts for the week

  1. I believe there is always something positive in every negative situation and I always find it quickly then move on.  
  2. This week when something goes wrong try to find the positive in that situation. It could be something you have learned like you will never do that thing again and that is positive.
  3. See this as a game and at the end of the week see how many times you found something positive.
  4. As you work on this it becomes automatic and your mind seeks this out for you. 

Well that’s it for this week have a wonderful weekend and keep believing.
Warm regards


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